Bronxville Road Race Runner Profile: Katherine Godfrey

Fiona“It is my duty to continue Fiona’s fight.”

Katherine Godfrey

My name is Katherine Godfrey. I live in Connecticut with my partner and two daughters. Two years ago, I lost my oldest daughter, Fiona, to a rare and deadly form of pediatric brain cancer called a thalamic glioma. She lived only six months from the day of her initial diagnosis. Fiona was just five years old. She fought for her life, with courage and grace, until her very last breath. The unfortunate truth is that Fiona never had a chance of surviving.

The standard of treatment for these types of rare and inoperable pediatric brain tumors has not changed in decades. Radiation and chemotherapy do not work.

Fiona’s neurosurgeon, Dr. Mark Souweidane, could not operate on her tumor. The only way he could help her was to reduce the pressure inside her brain that was caused from the rapid tumor growth. Shortly after he performed the procedure to reduce the swelling, he looked into my eyes and said, “I wish there was more that I could do.” I am amazed that this doctor has dedicated his life’s work and research to finding a cure for the types of pediatric brain tumors that he is not able to remove.

Dr. Souweidane and the Children’s Brain Tumor Project are working tirelessly to change the standard of treatment. Most importantly, they want to find a cure! Now that Fiona is gone it is my duty to continue her fight. I am truly proud to call Dr. Souweidane and the Children’s Brain Tumor Project my partners in this fight!

I am not a runner but I can walk! I am taking part in the 2.2 mile walk and I will “walk” every day until other families do not have to lose their “Fiona”. I also have a handful of family and friends that will either be running in the 5k race or walking with me. Together we are team “Fiona’s Fighters!”


Donate to Fiona’s Fighters and the Children’s Brain Tumor Project at