Bronxvile Road Race Runner Profile: The MacNaughtons

Stuart crosses the finish line with a little help from a friend.
Stuart crosses the finish line with a little help from a friend.

“Stuart is a brain cancer survivor and Bo is his biggest fan.”

The MacNaughtons

Bo and Stuart MacNaughton are 10 and 8 years old, respectively, and live here in Bronxville. Stuart is a brain cancer survivor and Bo is his biggest fan. Both ran in last year’s race and are hoping to get their 2 year old sister Scarlett to join them, or at least chase after them in the Kid’s Dash. Bo likes everything from football to skiing while Stuart prefers Legos and anything that involves a battle.  They spent lots of time perfecting their running and sprinting at the beach this summer playing Manhunt and Infection Tag, and hope to beat their times from last year. 

Bronxville Road Race Runner Profile: Stacy Ulahel

Bronxville Road Race Runner Profile: Stacy Ulahel

Tyler Ulahel with mom Stacy at the Bronxville Road Race 2015“We want every child who has a brain tumor to lead a happy and healthy life.”

Stacy Ulahel

My name is Stacy Ulahel and I live on Staten Island with my husband Pete; our two daughters, Samantha and Courtney; and our son, Tyler.

We are running because we want every child who has a brain tumor to lead a happy and healthy life and for families to never give up hope.  We are here to support the crucial work of Dr. Mark Souweidane and Dr. Jeffrey Greenfield as they work tirelessly to reach that goal.

Dr. Mark has been our son’s surgeon for over 15 years.  Just before Tyler’s third birthday, he was diagnosed with Juvenile Pilocytic Astrocytoma.  This a benign, slow-growing brain tumor.  Tyler is doing well and we want to do our part to help the doctors raise awareness and money for research so that all of their patients have a bright outcome.

Research is very important to help these children.  We need funding and we will support the Children’s Brain Tumor Project and Elizabeth’s Hope in any way we can.


Donate to Team Ulahel at

Bronxville Road Race Runner Profile: Katherine Godfrey

Fiona“It is my duty to continue Fiona’s fight.”

Katherine Godfrey

My name is Katherine Godfrey. I live in Connecticut with my partner and two daughters. Two years ago, I lost my oldest daughter, Fiona, to a rare and deadly form of pediatric brain cancer called a thalamic glioma. She lived only six months from the day of her initial diagnosis. Fiona was just five years old. She fought for her life, with courage and grace, until her very last breath. The unfortunate truth is that Fiona never had a chance of surviving.

The standard of treatment for these types of rare and inoperable pediatric brain tumors has not changed in decades. Radiation and chemotherapy do not work.

Fiona’s neurosurgeon, Dr. Mark Souweidane, could not operate on her tumor. The only way he could help her was to reduce the pressure inside her brain that was caused from the rapid tumor growth. Shortly after he performed the procedure to reduce the swelling, he looked into my eyes and said, “I wish there was more that I could do.” I am amazed that this doctor has dedicated his life’s work and research to finding a cure for the types of pediatric brain tumors that he is not able to remove.

Dr. Souweidane and the Children’s Brain Tumor Project are working tirelessly to change the standard of treatment. Most importantly, they want to find a cure! Now that Fiona is gone it is my duty to continue her fight. I am truly proud to call Dr. Souweidane and the Children’s Brain Tumor Project my partners in this fight!

I am not a runner but I can walk! I am taking part in the 2.2 mile walk and I will “walk” every day until other families do not have to lose their “Fiona”. I also have a handful of family and friends that will either be running in the 5k race or walking with me. Together we are team “Fiona’s Fighters!”


Donate to Fiona’s Fighters and the Children’s Brain Tumor Project at 

The Bronxville Road Race 2015

The CBTP is so grateful for all the support and help we receive from our families and their communities. We are deeply indebted to supporters around the country—from as far away as Kansas, California, and Florida, and from many communities right here in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut—but we have a special place in our hearts for the tiny Westchester village of Bronxville. The support of this community (Elizabeth Minter’s hometown) for Elizabeth’s Hope gave us the momentum to launch the Children’s Brain Tumor Project, and we are delighted to be hosting our second annual fund-raiser there. Coincidentally, Bronxville is also home to another CBTP family, the MacNaughtons, as well as the co-director of the project, Dr. Jeffrey Greenfield.

As anyone who’s ever planned an event like this knows, keeping costs low is critical to maximize the funds that ultimately go to support the cause. We are so very thankful to all the Bronxville businesses, large and small, who have stepped up to help us host this event again this year, footing the bill for our expenses in order to allow every dollar raised in donations to go directly to the research. As this newsletter went off to the printer, we were delighted to have commitments from the following generous sponsors, the majority of them from Bronxville:Bronxville Road Race Sponsors

We are also grateful to the the Bronxville School, the Village of Bronxville, the Bronxville Police Department, the Westchester Parks Department, and the Village of Tuckahoe for their help and support in producing this event. We couldn’t do it without you!


Bronxville Road Race Runner Profile: Mimi Greenfield

Mrs Greenfield“I am running to support my son, Dr. Jeffrey Greenfield”

Mimi Greenfield

Hudson Valley, New York

I’m proud to be supporting the Children’s Brain Tumor Project, which is co-directed by my son, Dr. Jeffrey Greenfield. I wouldn’t call myself a runner, but I did walk last year in the 2.2-mile event, which I’ll do again this year.

I live in the mid-Hudson valley and when I’m not spending time with my six grandchildren I like to garden, take pottery classes, knit, and cook.

I’m so proud of my son and the work he’s doing to save the lives of children – as a mother and grandmother I will do everything I can do support his research so future families won’t face these diagnoses without hope.


Donate to Mimi’s cause at

Bronxville Road Race 2015 Sponsors

Our generous sponsors make a tremendous difference in this event. By helping us cover the considerable cost of organizing and hosting the race, our sponsors allow us to put every dollar raised through fund-raising to go directly to the researchers. Please consider sponsoring the 2015 event!

Thanks to our generous sponsors who have already signed on to support the 2015 Bronxville Road Race:

Houlihan Lawrence

Pepe Auto Group Boyden Global Executive Search Scalini Osteria

Boyden Rivkin Radler The Silk Road Tuckahoe Eastchester Lions Braxton Engineering Silver Spoon Bronxville Field Club Boo Gemes

Plus, deepest thanks to businesses who have donated raffle prizes or provided logistical support:

Bronxville Farmers’ Market
Bronxville Running Company
Centre Stage at Ballet Arts
Concordia College
Denison University Sororities
Fabio’s Hair Studio
J. McLaughlin
Kensington Paper
Kind Snacks
Maison Rouge
The Nella Company
Pure Barre
Gregory Sahagian & Son Awnings
Sarah Lawrence College
Soul Cycle
Underhills Crossing
Womrath Bookstore

Winners, Top Fund-raisers, and Raffle Winners

The inaugural run of The Bronxville Road Race was a tremendous success! With more than 500 participants and contributions from sponsors, runners and walkers, local businesses, and donors from coast to coast, we more than met our $100,000 goal!  Congratulations to overall winner Josh Hibbs of Yonkers, and to everyone who came across the finish line for us. (Get full results here.)

Please accept our deepest thanks to all who participated or helped, especially those who raised so much more than the $250 we had asked for. The following 18 people and teams raised more than $1,000 each, for a total of almost $40,000!

Top Fund-Raisers

  1. Team Denison
  2. Debbie Scully
  3. Stacy Ulahel
  4. Emma Hill
  5. Shoshana Aminov
  6. Jacqueline Paige Grand Pre
  7. Licia Hahn
  8. Jill Fisher
  9. Ashley Mestl
  10. Karen Driscoll
  11. Kaitlin McTigue
  12. Maria Gratton
  13. Cindy Rajacic-Peiliker
  14. Laura Romeo Sobel
  15. Anna Mudrick
  16. Mimi Greenfield
  17. Tori Flannery
  18. Eli Bunzel

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Raffle Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the Elizabeth’s Hope raffle! If you were not present at the time of the drawing, we’ll be getting your prize to you in the mail soon.  The winners were:

  • Cocktail plates donated by Bloomingdales: A. Hoogkamp
  • SoulCycle gift card: Barbara Taylor
  • Maison Rouge gift certificate: Mark Souweidane
  • Fabio’s Hair Salon gift card: D. McCaffrey
  • Underhills Crossing gift card: Alexandra Howson
  • Gretchen Scott shopping spree (two winners)
    Louanne Mitchell
    A. Gold
  • One-week stay in a luxury villa in Mexico, donated by Inspirato: Mimi Greenfield  (and no, it was not a fix — we have witnesses to the drawing!)

Bronxville Race Runner Profile: Concordia College Men’s Basketball Team

Bronxville Race Runner Profile: Concordia College Men’s Basketball Team

Untitled“We’re Running in Support of Team IMPACT and Our Teammate Eli!”

Concordia College Men’s Basketball Team
Bronxville, New York

“In September of 2013 our Concordia College Men’s Basketball Team met our newest teammate. Eli, now 7, was diagnosed in February of 2013 with pediatric blood cancer. A bond between Eli’s family and the Clippers’ program was fostered by Team IMPACT, an organization that helps place children battling illness with college athletic programs.

“We are running because our relationship with Eli and his family is very special to us. We have all become family through our time together. Eli is our #1 fan at the home games he can attend. We are Eli’s teammates whenever we get together to play kickball, laser tag, or basketball. Eli is part of our community here at Concordia and we are big-time supporters of any event that will support the research and ultimate elimination of any form of pediatric cancer.

“Our team is in training now for our upcoming season so we are excited to see what we can achieve at the inaugural Bronxville Road Race for the Children’s Brain Tumor Project. Regardless of what our individual results may be, we are proud to be a part of this event to run in support of Eli, Team IMPACT, and the Children’s Brain Tumor Project.”

You can support the team by making a
donation on

Bronxville Race Runner Profile: Tori Flannery

Bronxville Race Runner Profile: Tori Flannery

Untitled“I am running in memory of my childhood friend Liz Minter”

Tori Flannery
New York, New York

I grew up in Bronxville, and now I live in New York City. I was introduced to the Children’s Brain Tumor Project by Elizabeth’s Hope and the Minter family. I became passionate about this cause and the work that the Children’s Brain Tumor Project does as soon as my friend Liz was diagnosed with Gliomatosis Cerebri in 2010.

I’m running to spread awareness of rare brain cancers and raise funds for research and treatment. I’m excited to pair two things that I’m extremely passionate about: running, and working towards fulfilling Liz’s dream of finding a cure to rare pediatric brain tumors.

It’s hard to get out and log miles, but knowing that I will be racing at the inaugural Bronxville Road Race for the Children’s Brain Tumor Project has pushed me to run a little faster and a little longer over the past few weeks! It’s been tough to find something to train for, now that I am no longer part of a cross country and track team. This road race and the efforts to raise money have given me more purpose on my daily runs!

You can sponsor Tori
by making a donation on her page on
Click here to donate

Bronxville Race Runner Profile: Anna Mudrick

Bronxville Race Runner Profile: Anna Mudrick

Untitled“I’m running to support the amazing work of the child life specialists at the Weill Cornell Medical Center”

Anna Mudrick
Astoria, New York

I had never heard of “child life” until my amazing sister-in-law, Laura Sobel, entered the field. I am constantly inspired by the work Laura and other child life specialists at Weill Cornell Medical Center do day in and day out, helping children and their families navigate the horrifying process of undergoing neurological surgery and battling brain tumors. Laura has expressed her gratitude about working alongside some of the world’s top pediatric neuro-surgeons and researchers who value the psychosocial work she does with children, and who share the goal of being be able to support families and provide them with true hope that their child is going to be okay. As an early childhood educator and mama myself, I want to help eradicate this pain, and support the crucial work Laura and all child life specialists do, imbuing a situation of fear with knowledge and comfort.

I will be running pushing a stroller with my almost-two-year-old daughter, Emma. I am grateful that she has the opportunity to do this, and that we can be cheering on others as well! We have been training by one of us running around after the other at the playground.

You can sponsor Anna
by making a donation on her page on
Click here to donate