We Need You to Help Us Light Up the Lab

Light Up The Lab

One of the unique things about the Children’s Brain Tumor Project laboratory is how personally we all take this work. Nothing shows that quite like the hallway of our lab, which is lined with photos of children whose lives were claimed by these terrible, incurable tumors. We see these faces every day, to remind us that we are not just scientists working on cells. We are working for children, and for the families who love them, in a daily race to find new treatments. Every picture on our wall tells us the story not just of a child but of that child’s devastated family, and as we walk past each one we remember why we do what we do: to create hope. Read more

Second International Gliomatosis Cerebri Conference: June 22-23, 2017

Second International Gliomatosis Cerebri Conference
June 22-23, 2017
National Institutes of Health, Washington, DC

We are delighted to announce that planning is now under way for the second International Gliomatosis Cerebri Conference. The first conference, held in Paris in 2015, was generously funded by families dedicated to curing GC; it included scientists, foundations, and families from around the world. That first meeting laid the groundwork for international collaboration to advance GC research, and set a goal for establishing patient and tissue referral centers in London, Heidelberg, and New York.

Many of the families and foundations who attended have held monthly international phone calls and communicate regularly via email and social media, and they are committed to helping fund this next important session. If you are interested in providing support, please make a donation to the CBTP or reach out to the AYJ Fund, Elizabeth’s Hope, or the Joshua Bembo Project in the United States, or Izas la Princesa Guisante (Spain) or Franck un rayon de soleil (France).

First GC meeting 2015

Family Events Update: Spring 2016

Spring brought with it a new season of the races, tournaments, and festivals that help spread the word about the Children’s Brain Tumor Project and raise much-needed funds. Many thanks to the families that host these events, and to the communities that continue to to support them. We could not do our work without you!

Janine Koehler at 7th annual tournamentThe Christian Koehler Foundation got some nice coverage in Newsday for its 2016 Lacrosse Tournament. Chris and Janine Koehler host this event each year in memory of their son, and they have donated a total of more than $40,000 of the proceeds to the Children’s Brain Tumor Project. Our thanks to Chris and Janine, as well as to the players and families who continue to turn out to support us each year.
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Bronxville Road Race 2014

Bronxville Road Race 2014

L-R: Dr. Jeff Greenfield, Dr. Caitlin Hoffman, Dr. Carrie Long, Dr. Mark Souweidane
L-R: Dr. Jeff Greenfield, Dr. Caitlin Hoffman, Dr. Carrie Long, Dr. Mark Souweidane and their families
The inaugural running of the Bronxville Road Race for the Children’s Brain Tumor Project will take place on September 13, 2014. All proceeds benefit pediatric brain tumor research at Weill Cornell Brain and Spine Center. The CBTP focuses on the research and treatment of rare and inoperable brain tumors that affects children and young adults. The CBTP was founded, in part, with the generous support of Elizabeth Minter (Bronxville High School Class of 2009) and her family, longtime residents of Bronxville. Elizabeth was diagnosed with gliomatosis cerebri in 2010 and lost her battle with the disease in 2012. Read more