Dr. Greenfield’s Team to Publish Breakthrough Research

We couldn’t be more proud to let you know about our most recent achievement: Dr. Greenfield’s team has just published a new paper about how low-grade, survivable gliomas progress into high-grade, fatal malignancies — and more importantly, how it may be possible to stop that progression. The paper was accepted by the journal Clinical Cancer Research (a high-impact publication of the American Association for Cancer Research), and has been published electronically ahead of its appearance later this year in the printed journal.

Five years in preparation, the paper details the mechanism by which certain bone-marrow-derived cells can trigger progression of a tumor that’s growing in the brain, and how inhibiting that process can act as a remote control of sorts to stop the tumor from progressing. This landmark finding, which has been shown to work in mouse models, represents real hope for future clinical trials and new treatments for children and adults diagnosed with a low-grade glioma.

You may see the abstract for the paper now on PubMed and will add a link to the print edition when it is available.

We are so deeply indebted to our families for the loyal support that allowed this project to go from inception to completion over the past 5 years, and you can rest assured we will continue to keep you posted on our research. Together we are making a difference and creating hope!