Pediatric Precision Oncology Conference – Travel Award Winner

The Children’s Brain Tumor Project is a leader in leveraging precision medicine to help inform customized treatment protocols for children with brain tumors.  As a result, Dr. Jeffrey Greenfield’s lab team was invited to present at the 2nd Pediatric Precision Oncology Conference.

Pediatric Precision Oncology Conference

Dr. Prajwal Rajappa, Pediatric Brain Tumor Precision Medicine Fellow at the Children’s Brain Tumor Project, was recently selected as an Alex’s Lemonade Fund travel award winner through a competitive selection process by a panel of judges. The Children’s Brain Tumor Project received a $1,000 grant to help defray travel expenses, allowing for his attendance at the 2nd Pediatric Precision Oncology Conference in Scottsdale, AZ, to represent his outstanding work under the mentorship of Dr. Jeffrey P. Greenfield.

Dr. Greenfield was recently invited to be a standing member of the Englander Institute of Precision Medicine, and Dr. Rajappa has had an integral role in supporting his work on rare and often incurable pediatric brain tumors with a focus on precision oncology.

Dr. Rajappa received this recognition upon submission of his compelling abstract on precision sequencing algorithms in pediatric neuro-oncology. He will be presenting the Weill Cornell/CBTP precision medicine program as an addition to the standard of care in pediatric neurosurgery that we now offer to all of our pediatric CNS tumor patients. Patients are now offered an array of sequencing platforms after surgery based on their specific diagnosis. Information gained from a comprehensive sequencing approach may also provide valuable data with respect to prognosis and molecular characterization of the disease. Dr. Rajappa will also provide details on how this approach may help stratify patients for targeted therapies.

This conference brings together internationally recognized experts in the field of pediatric oncology for a collective conversation on key discoveries and publications in genomics, epigenetics, immune therapy and big data for children and adolecents.

The conference is designed to: highlight how integrated immunogenetics is advancing the field of precision therapy; discuss emerging techniques and new strategies to identify and characterize precision targets; and facilitate national and international research coordination and collaboration among participants. Dr. Rajappa is proud to join the leaders in clinical and research oncology, regulatory affairs, and advocacy as we streamline our methods in personalized medicine.

About the conference:

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