Second International Gliomatosis Cerebri Conference: June 22-23, 2017

Second International Gliomatosis Cerebri Conference
June 22-23, 2017
National Institutes of Health, Washington, DC

We are delighted to announce that planning is now under way for the second International Gliomatosis Cerebri Conference. The first conference, held in Paris in 2015, was generously funded by families dedicated to curing GC; it included scientists, foundations, and families from around the world. That first meeting laid the groundwork for international collaboration to advance GC research, and set a goal for establishing patient and tissue referral centers in London, Heidelberg, and New York.

Many of the families and foundations who attended have held monthly international phone calls and communicate regularly via email and social media, and they are committed to helping fund this next important session. If you are interested in providing support, please make a donation to the CBTP or reach out to the AYJ Fund, Elizabeth’s Hope, or the Joshua Bembo Project in the United States, or Izas la Princesa Guisante (Spain) or Franck un rayon de soleil (France).

First GC meeting 2015