IV International Congress on Gliomatosis Cerebri Research is Coming to NYC

Weill Cornell Medicine will be the Proud Host of the 2023 GC Conference

Weill Cornell Medicine in New York is proud to host the fourth International Congress on Gliomatosis Cerebri Research on September 14-15, 2023. Gliomatosis cerebri (GC) is a rare pattern of brain tumor dissemination, for which there is no cure.

The congress is organized by a dedicated event committee with the purpose of fueling research collaboration to address this rare disease type amongst global research leaders who share the goal of improving outcomes for GC patients. The two-day conference is financially supported by a united group of family-founded associations from around the world who have been impacted by this disease.

Several international research centers will be represented at the conference in New York to continue the coordinated investigation of this rare disease dissemination with the goal of improving patient care and outcomes. These efforts were first set into motion in 2012 when the international congress on gliomatosis cerebri research first met at Curie Institute in Paris, France, and it continues to gain promising momentum.

Without research, effective treatments will not be available for gliomatosis cerebri patients. The international congress of GC research is critical in advancing such research and creating new hope for GC families.