Research Spotlight on Dr. Mark Souweidane

In 2022, Dr. Souweidane received a ChadTough Game Changer grant to focus on the development of a comprehensive direct drug delivery platform using focused ultrasound (FUS) for the treatment of DMGs. In a recent research spotlight, ChadTough shares some of his findings that could potentially help solve one of the biggest challenges to treat complicated brain tumors..

“I am honored and grateful that the ChadTough Defeat DIPG Foundation is supporting this work. My team and I expect the establishment of this drug delivery platform to act as an incubator for the translation of many cutting-edge therapies to early-stage clinical trials in the fight against DIPG.”
– Dr. Mark Souweidane

The full article is posted to the main website for ChadTough Defeat DIPG Foundation. You can read it via the link below.


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