If a child’s life was in danger, you would do something… wouldn’t you?

The Children’s Brain Tumor Project Weill Cornell Medicine is proud to team up with DDB Health to present this powerful public service announcement (PSA).  The PSA is intended to raise awareness of the traumatic outcomes for far too many children diagnosed with brain tumors every year, and demand action by encouraging viewers to donate. DDB Health generously donated time, talent and production costs to create this compelling video.

DDB Health is doing something.

You can do something, too

The generous gifts of our supporters allow our neuroscientist/researchers to continue their important work.

Advocating for Change
The Children's Brain Tumor Family Foundation

These families are doing something.

Volunteer Spotlight

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“Anyone can help us save the lives of children by supporting research. Anyone can chose to do something great.”

Dr. Mark Souweidane • Co-Founder, Weill Cornell Medicine Children’s Brain Tumor Project