The amazing circle of love and support that formed around Elizabeth Minter during her illness made it possible to launch the Children’s Brain Tumor Project (CBTP) — a research program aimed solely at rare and inoperable brain tumors that strike children. It’s a sad fact that major funding sources don’t support pediatric brain cancer research — they are simply too rare — but it’s gratifying to see families step up to fill the void. After all, who knows better than the families and friends of our children just how cruel these tumors are? And who could be more committed to finding the answers — to creating hope?

Elizabeth’s Hope was the original fundraising initiative in support of creating this laboratory.  Since it was founded eight years ago, we’ve had more than forty other families joining forces to raise awareness and funding for the Children’s Brain Tumor Project.

These families are all part of the CBTP Family Council, who are invited to meet annually for updates on the research they are investing in, and to share ideas amongst themselves and with the research team.  Find out more about some of these amazing families, many of whom have launched incredible nonprofits of their own.

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