We believe in the strength and power of families. The Children’s Brain Tumor Project is supported by the love of friends and family like you, coming together to help those impacted by a pediatric brain tumor diagnosis. We are faced with very difficult and uncertain times – both in the clinic and in the lab – and we are writing to share with you the ways in which our incredible team has selflessly addressed these challenges.

As we navigate this pandemic, our lab was forced to switch gears virtually overnight: from day-to-day research activities in a laboratory to creating and activating an emergency infrastructure that is ensuring the maintenance of cell cultures, animals, and machinery with minimal staff on-site to do so.

This forced disruption has created a shift in our team’s approach, but we want to assure you that it will not slow our projected progress. We have implemented remote communication channels among our teams and across institutions that allow us to continue our collaborative research efforts (where possible), while being most mindful of how to prioritize our efforts while simultaneously tackling COVID-19.

Watching this tremendous health crisis unfold has been sobering for many, but it is an all-too-familiar reality for families who have already had their lives dictated by cancer. Treatment brings with it many serious risks without any sense of control.  The unprecedented medical crisis presented by COVID-19 only compounds these risks, which has granted us an even deeper connection to the patients and families we serve in the pediatric brain tumor community.

Unwavering dedication to continuing our research defines who we are and what we do. It’s why each and every member of our team works to carry out our mission through this life-changing work.

But we need continued support in order to do so, which is why we are so grateful to our donors for supporting our efforts.  We can only take this research as far as our funding allows, and that funding is already suffering the effects of this global crisis.

We are grateful to every single one of you. It is YOU who will continue to help our lab sustain our mission, especially in these times of uncertainty. We are grateful and we hope you can commit to supporting the lab again in the future.  Your commitment ensures continued growth and discoveries.

With all of our best wishes to you and your families,

Dr. Jeffrey Greenfield and Dr. Mark Souweidane

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