When your child is diagnosed with a brain tumor, the impact on the entire family can be debilitating. After experiencing such trauma first-hand, a handful of influential families banded together to make a difference with the formation of the Children’s Brain Tumor Family Foundation (CBTFF).

The CBTFF is a volunteer-based nonprofit organization dedicated to funding research.  The organization was founded and is led by a group of families that have been united by the tragic diagnosis of a rare brain tumor.  All of whom have great faith in the work that is underway at the Weill Cornell Medicine Children’s Brain Tumor Project.

Although these families are united by tragedy, they are also a great support network to one-another and other families who are impacted by a pediatric brain tumor diagnosis.

The Children’s Brain Tumor Family Foundation is led by:

  • Cheering for Caitlin (The Downing Family, in memory of Caitlin)
  • Team Little Owl (The Fisher Family, in memory of Allie)
  • Team Joey (The Clayton Family, in memory of Joey)
  • TEAM Sean (The Ries Family, in honor of their fighter, Sean)
  • Team Juliana (The Donnelly Family, in memory of Juliana)
  • What’s Your Fight? (The Clark Family, in memory of Daryn)

To learn more about these amazing families, visit

These families are helping to DO SOMETHING.  You can, too.  Share this post.  Make a donation.  Attend an event.  Or… join the team and run the NYC Marathon!

Last year, the Children’s Brain Tumor Family Foundation raised $60,000 for the Children’s Brain Tumor Project as five members of their team were challenged, pushed and ultimately rewarded with the incredible feeling of crossing the finish line in Central Park.  You can join the team in 2019!  Email if interested.

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