On November 7, 2021, Matt Easley crossed the finish line at the New York City Marathon after running 26.2 miles.

Matt dedicated his run in memory of his friend, Elizabeth Minter, who died of a brain tumor in 2012.  On top of that, the race marked the 50th anniversary of the NYC marathon, which was exciting in itself.  It was a very emotional accomplishment, and something to be truly proud of.

“Liz and I were good friends throughout our childhood in Bronxville, NY. We graduated high school together in 2009 and shared a similar group of close friends over the years. The photo I’ve included for my fundraising page (above) is of me and Liz at a friend’s house after senior prom.”

Through the partnership between Team Continuum and the Children’s Brain Tumor Project/Elizabeth’s Hope, Matt was able to raise more than $4,000 toward our mission to cure pediatric brain tumors in her memory.

“Liz was a joy to be around and she was truly a special person. I always admired the way Liz was able to light up a room and make people around her laugh and have a fun time. Whether we were driving around listening to music, or hanging out with a group of friends, Liz’s energy and personality always shined bright. She was an amazing person and I’m grateful for the opportunity to contribute towards her and her family’s vision for Elizabeth’s Hope!”

Congratulations, Matt! Thank you for this incredible accomplishment. Thank you for doing something. 

If you are interested in running the NYC Marathon or Half Marathon in support of the Children’s Brain Tumor Project, email

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