The National Brain Tumor Society’s annual Head to the Hill event has become a powerful vehicle to ensure the voice of the brain tumor community is being heard, and our team is proud to participate by sharing our story with Congress.

On May 3, 2022, our Program Director, Cindy Campbell, will share her personal experience with pediatric brain tumors to advocate for the federal government to make strategic investments in pediatric brain tumor research and improve health care for the pediatric brain tumor community.

Hundreds of brain tumor advocates will join Campbell in raising their voices as they meet with U.S. Senators and U.S. Representatives throughout the day. Head to the Hill will help these policymakers better understand the urgent, unmet needs of the brain tumor community and the policies that are vital to ensuring availability of treatments, increased scientific research, better quality of life, and the discovery of a cure. These virtual meetings enable effective, meaningful interactions with members of Congress from brain tumor patients, caregivers, researchers, policy makers, and more.

We hope that that this year’s Head to the Hill continues to result in action and support from Congress, and we are grateful that the National Brain Tumor Society has arranged this incredible event year-after-year.

Thank you for continuing to honor children with brain tumors and supporting our progress with your own efforts to Go Gray in May! #gogray #braintumorawareness #dosomething