Light up the Lab

As 2020 comes to a close, we’re asking all of our supporters to remember those children who they hold so close to their hearts, and to help us light up the lab by paying tribute to them with a year-end, tax-deductible contribution. 

Join the Virtual Fundraising Committee

JOIN OUR COMMITTEE The greatest gift you can give is hope. This is a very challenging climate for fundraising, and our lab is in a vulnerable position.  We need to explore new ways to support our research initiatives, so we have been pulling together a passionate and dedicated Virtual Fundraising Committee.  From wine

Donate in Memory of Carolyn

Donate in Memory of Carolyn Byington Carolyn Byington, 26, was a beloved patient of Dr. Mark Souweidane.  He successfully treated her for Chiari malformation in 2008, and he remembers her and her family fondly to this day.  Carolyn tragically passed away on June 10, and her family would like to support

Patient Care

PATIENT CARE The Children’s Brain Tumor Project Team is comprised of past and present patient families, biomedical researchers and neurosurgical clinicians working together to find a cure for pediatric brain cancers. The success of the team primarily rests in the transparency that exists between each of these three groups. Clinicians and researchers


SET-UP A FUNDRAISER The greatest gift you can give is hope. If you would like us to set up your own personalized fundraising page to honor a loved one, to support your event, or to commemorate a special occasion like a birthday or anniversary, please fill out the form here and we will

Our Team

WHO WE ARE The Children's Brain Tumor Project consists of four primary investigators (PI) with expertise in pediatric neuro-oncological clinical and scientific research. Their collective research interests span a vast range of biological fields - including developmental neurobiology, immunomodulation of brain tumors, cancer metastasis, molecular biology of neuro-oncological diseases, and pharmacological engineering. The

Meet the Families

MEET THE FAMILIES The amazing circle of love and support that formed around Elizabeth Minter during her illness made it possible to launch the Children’s Brain Tumor Project (CBTP) — a research program aimed solely at rare and inoperable brain tumors that strike children. It’s a sad fact that major funding sources

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